Utah Lakes and Reservoirs
Note: Some of Utah's most picturesque lakes are located in very
remote areas, are only accessible on foot and can take days
to hike into. Always make sure you are prepared in every
way with sufficient food, clothing, medical, shelter,
water purification, and etc., before venturing
into these areas. A good topographical
map and up-to-the-minute weather
information are a must. Cellular
phones may not work in all
areas of the state.
See Guidelines and Restrictions
Lakes by Alphabet
Lake or Reservoir
Nearby Towns
Baker Hills Reservoir
Bald Knoll Reservoir
Barewire Pond
Barker Reservoir
Baseball Pond
Baum Lake
Bear Lake
Beaver Dam Reservoir
Bedground Lake
Bench Lake
Bess Lake
Betsy Lake
Bicknell Reservoirv
Big Hollow Reservoir
Big Lake
Big Lake
Big Lake
Big Flat Reservoir
Big Pond
Big Reservoir, The
Big Wash
Bills Lake
Birch Lake
Black Lake
Blanchard Lake
Blayney's Reservoir
Blind Lake
Bluebell Lake
Blue Creek Res.
Blue Grass Reservoir
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Blue Lake
Blythe Lake
Bobs Hole
Bollie Lake
Bonnie Lake
Boot Lake
Borden Reservoir
Bowden Lake
Bowns Reservoir
Boyer Lake
Brimstone Reservoir
Brinkerhoff Pond
Brinkly Lake
Brooks Lake
Browns Draw Res.
Bowns Reservoir
Brown Duck Lake
Brush Corral Reservoir
Buck Pasture
Buckhorn Reservoir
Bud Lake
Buffalo Pond
Bullberry Lakes
Bullock Reservoir
Bull Roost Reservoir
Burns Knoll Reservoir
Butterfly Lake

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