History of Castle Valley, Utah
Taken from the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Links Added)

Like most of Utah, Castle Valley abounds in history —ancient and modern. Prehistoric Indians knew its castles and steeples; its sandstone cliffs. Trail blazers and trappers such as Wolfskill, Robideaux, Gervais, Provost, Sublette, Fitzpatrick, Fremont and Kit Carson traversed it. And there were those who tarnished it: Butch Cassidy, Elza Lay, Matt Warner and others. While surveying for a railroad route, Lieut. J. W. Gunnison came through the area and fixed his name on a butte and a valley, and later John W. Powell saw its grandeur via the mighty Green River.

Powell immortalized much of Utah's most spectacular country in his report of this journey, and he did not slight Castle Valley:" . . . Extensive sand plains extend back from the immediate river valley as far as we can see on either side. These naked, drifting sands gleam brilliantly in the midday sun of July .... Just opposite, there are buttes, outliers of cliffs to the left. Below, they are composed of shales and marls of light blue and slate colors; above, the rocks are buff and gray and then brown. The buttes are buttressed below, where the azure rocks are seen, and terraced above through the gray and brown beds. The eye can trace these azure beds and cliffs on either side of the river, in a long line extending across its course, until they fade away in the perspective. These cliffs are many miles in length and hundreds of feet high; and all these buttes —great mountain masses of rock —are dancing and fading away and reappearing, softly moving about —or so they seem to the eye as seen through the shifting atmosphere. On landing, we see evidences that a party of Indians have crossed within a very few days. This is the place where the lamented Gunnison crossed in the year 1853...."

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