History of Kennecott Corporation, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

The history of Kennecott Copper Corporation is inseparable from the story of the development of copper mining in Utah. Important in the formation of the copper industry in the late nineteenth century were Enos A. Wall, Samuel Newhouse, Daniel C. Jackling, and the Guggenheim family. Wall appreciated the potential of low-grade porphyry copper deposits and acquired important claims in Bingham Canyon in 1887. By 1890 underground copper mining had begun in the area. Daniel C. Jackling, a metallurgical engineer, and Robert C. Gemmell, a mining engineer, examined Wall's properties for Captain Joseph R. DeLamar's mining interests. They proposed mining these low-grade ores from the surface, a practice today called open-pit mining. They believed that the mass mining and production of low-grade copper ores was not only possible but also could be profitable. In 1898 Samuel Newhouse and Thomas Weir formed the Boston Consolidated Mining Company.

In 1903 Jackling and Wall established the Utah Copper Company. The company immediately constructed a 300-tons-per-day (TPD) gravity pilot mill at Copperton. By 1905 Jackling had persuaded Guggenheim Exploration to underwrite a $3,000,000 bond and purchase $500,000 of Utah Copper stock. This helped to set the stage for the first open-pit mining in Bingham. In 1906 steam-shovel operations began, with steam locomotive trains removing material from the canyon. Also that year, Kennecott Mines Company, named (although with altered spelling) for explorer and naturalist Robert Kennicott, was organized in Alaska by Stephen Birch, and the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) started the Garfield Smelter to process Bingham ores.

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