History of Four Cornersm Monument, Utah
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The name Four Corners is inspired by four states whose boundaries meet there. It is the only place in the United States where this occurs. The states are Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

After completion of extensive surveys a simple sandstone marker was placed in 1899. In 1912 a cement and metal monument replaced the former. Later, in 1992 the site was reconstructed with a large copper/brass disc embedded in a smooth, polished granite surface with a survey marker radiating the degrees latitude and longitude from its center.

Native American tribes occupied the area by ca. A.D. 1000. The Hopi in Arizona, the Large Navajo Nation in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, the Zuni in New Mexico and the Ute Indian Reservation in southwestern Colorado occupy the major portion of the Four Corners region. During the uranium boom the area teemed with ore prospectors.

Today tourists flock to the spot where they can straddle the four states at once.

Manuelito, Navajo Indian Chief was born in 1818 in the Four Corners area of Utah.

The area is a remote open desert region but can be accessed comfortably by car via US 160.

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