History of Clearfield, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

Clearfield, in northern Davis County, is bordered by Hill Air Force Base and the Wasatch Mountains on the east, and by Syracuse, West Point, and the Great Salt Lake on the west. It was one of the last communities to be settled in the north part of the county. Clearfield was once known as "Sandridge." There was little available water and the land was thought to be unproductive. The name was later changed to Clearfield from the suggestion of a teacher, who got the idea as she looked out over the attractive open surroundings.

An emigrant couple from England were the first settlers in Clearfield. Richard and Emily Hamblin had lived with relatives in Layton for a few years, and in 1877 they decided to make their own home in the area that is now Clearfield. Their first home was a dugout with a thatched roof of sagebrush covered with dirt.

Water had to be brought in from Kay's Creek in Layton, so Hamblin's first concern was finding a closer water supply. He dug several surface wells without success until 1881 when he struck water. He made a windmill to supply irrigation water and grew strawberries, which he marketed. After the completion of the East Canyon Dam in 1884, water was supplied by the Davis and Weber counties canal. This brought more people to the area to live and to grow crops. Most settled in the area that is now Syracuse.

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