History of Broadcasting, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia. (Links Added)

In this wide-angled view of Utah broadcast history we have tried to describe the reasons broadcasting developed as it did, and to identify Utah broadcasting's early pioneers and contributors.

The amateur efforts of wireless telegraphers - mostly teenaged boys - in the early 1900s gave rise to national and local radio clubs throughout America. In fact, the first local wireless radio club in the United States appeared in Utah - the Radio Club of Salt Lake, founded in September 1909. Utah youngsters were among the first experimental broadcasters in the nation to transmit voice and music over the air waves as technology made radio voice transmission possible.

Historians often point to KZN and KDYL, both of which went on the air in May 1922, as the only two pioneer Utah radio stations, when, in fact, there were eleven. KDZL in Ogden, licensed to Rocky Mountain Radio Corporation, and KDYV in Salt Lake City, licensed to John N. Cope and Lionel Cornwall, and broadcasting from Cope's parents' home at 1138 Michigan Avenue, both began broadcasting within a month of the original two. By February 1923 these stations were joined by Ogden's KFCP and Salt Lake's KFLH. During the next two years, KFUR and KFWA appeared in Ogden. KFXD went on the air in Logan, and KFOO, KFUT, and KFPH could be found in Salt Lake.

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