History of Etienne Provost, Utah
Taken from the Utah History Encyclopedia (Links Added)

In May 1825 he encountered the Hudson's Bay Company brigade under Peter Skene Ogden in Weber Canyon and witnessed Ogden's famous confrontation with Gardner Johnson, one of William H. Ashley's lieutenants. In June he came upon Ashley's expedition near Fruitland, and agreed to guide Ashley to the first rendezvous on Henry's Fork of the Green River. However, he never became an Ashley employee.

After returning to St. Louis in 1826, he became an employee of the American Fur Company, and until 1830 continued his own trapping ventures while carrying out assignments for the AFC. He married in 1829 and ceased active trapping after 1830. Until 1838 he was engaged in escorting AFC caravans to the annual rendezvous.

From 1839 until his death in 1850 he recruited new employees for the fur company, and escorted them to their river posts each spring. The company also frequently contracted his services as guide to various private expeditions: Nicollet's 1839 mapping expedition; British officers on a buffalo hunt in 1840; Audubon's natural history expedition in 1843; and the Comte D'Otrante party in 1844. In these years, from about 1827 onward, he was also actively engaged in the tavern business, running his own tavern and "grocery."

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